Gerard Schwarz' hair

People often say they think Gerard Schwarz' hair must be dyed, or that it must be false because it looks so thick. I wanted to put the controversy to rest by posting this photo of the back of his head. You can see all the grey threaded through up close, though it's not as noticeable from afar. When he's onstage, his hair still looks dead black. And it's definitely NOT a rug!

 In answer to the question, "Do you dye your hair?" Jerry says, "No. But if I did, I'd dye it grey!" He thinks a big shock of very gray or even white hair looks impressively conductorish.

During our chat he mentioned that, "Debussy's wife tried to shoot him in the balls, did you know that? She missed." I really wish I could say things like that on the air, but I can't - so I post it here! :) 

Maxine Frost

A fun caricature of me by cartoonist Ian Baker. He's English and he grew up with Mad Magazine, just like me! He's more successful than I'll ever be. More about him:

Ian Baker