My mug

The station where I work decided to use one of my designs for their mug during our last fund drive. Very flattered! I'll post a close-up of the image in a sec.

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Bach b-day present

My most recent homage to one of my favorite composers. I've realized that when you're caricaturing Bach, making the head larger than the body doesn't work. Bach is all about the power of his physical presence. He's like the maestoso movement of one of his own organ works. The bottom part of the figure has to nearly fill the lower part of the frame in order to convey the appropriate feeling. I just love his face, I could play with the shading and the nose shape and the dewlaps and the dark eyes and his double chins all day. This time I noticed that he has a kind of uplift at the outside corners of his eyes in a lot of his portraits - hadn't realized that before.